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Feb 8, 2009
im a lesbian

I'm 26 and I've known since I was 13 that I am a lesbian but when my mom died when I was 8 I already felt alone so telling my family is out of the question for me at this point. They don't approve of any type of same sex relationships, they've made that extremely clear but this is killing me. I'm in love with a women I can't fully be with because of this, emotionally or sexually.

Posted at 06:05 pm by johnmmm

September 10, 2012   06:04 PM PDT
November 21, 2011   04:13 AM PST
You have a very good blog that the main thing a lot of interesting and useful!
Formerly known as knitgirl
March 12, 2009   02:44 PM PDT
You'd better take up the needles and knit some- maybe that will help you get through this difficult periodein your life, I strongly recomend knitting instead of take ower other girls blogs and whine about stuf that has no relevance when you call your blog "Knitgirl in Norway"
February 21, 2009   04:34 AM PST
I feel sorry for you, my friend.

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